2009 Donegal Painted Ladies 

29 May - 3 June


May 29

One Painted Lady                               Letterkenny                                       Anne Toland                   C21
One                                                     Rossnowlagh                                     Frank Smyth                   G86

May 30

Donegal South

Hundreds Streaming  N 70/hr             Bundoran – Rossnowlagh                 Frank Smyth                      G85/G86
Tens                                                   Dactan, Kilcar                                   Danny Gillespie                 G67

Tens                                                   Staleel, Carrick                                 Danny Gillespie                 G58

Four on chives                                   Meentashesk                                     Eleanor Hort                      G68

Donegal Southwest

 30+    singles & small groups            Sheskinmore                                     B. Aldwell &                                                                                                                     Ian McCafferty                 G69
36                                                       Portnoo Pier –Dunmore Hd               Maurice Simms               G69/G79
20+                                                     Bonny Glen                                       Richard McCafferty         G79

10+                                                     Glenties area                                    B.A and R.McC                G89

Donegal West

 5                                                       Maghery                                            Emer Magee                   B70

Northwest Donegal

5       on chives                                   Killult, Gortahork                              Sandy Alcorn                   B93  
10+                                                     Inishbofin                                          Mickey Ferry                    B93
10+                                                     Tory Island                                        Elizabeth McKenna          B84
7                                                         Balthony                                           Josephine O’Donnell       B92

6                                                         nr Altan Lough                                  Eamonn McGlinchey       B92
2                                                         Procklis Lough                                  Eamonn McGlinchey       B92

Mid Donegal

12                                                     Raphoe                                                Stuart Dunlop                C20
1                                                       Knockbrack                                          Ethna Diver                   C20
2                                                       Letterkenny Town Park                        Ethna Diver                  C11
1                                                       Glen                                                     Ethna Diver                  C13
1                                                       Lackagh Br                                          Ethna Diver                   C13

7                                                       Ards Friary                                           Ethna Diver                   C03

East Donegal

7                                                     Carnowen                                            Liz Sheppard                H29
3                                                     Balllindrait                                           Joanna O’Kane             C30


100s                                                 Isle of Doagh                                     Dermot McLaughlin         C45
100s                                                 Lag                                                    Paddy McCrossan            C45  


May 31

100s                                                       Dunlewey                                                Con O’Donnell                  B91
5                                                            Mullaghfin                                               Eamonn McGlinchey        C10
7                                                            Treantaboy                                              Eamonn McGlinchey        C10
50+                                                        Gweedore                                               Con O’Donnell                  B92
50+                                                        Buncrana                                                George McDermott           C33
50+                                                        Lisfannon                                                George McDermott           C32

70/hr     Streaming through                   Rossnowlagh                                           Frank Smyth                    G86

20+                                                        Meenalargan                                           R.McCafferty                    G89
10 -                                                        Mountcharles                                           R.McCafferty                    G87
3                                                            Stranorlar                                                Ian McCambridge            H19
11                                                          Rockhill                                                   Ethna Diver                      G96
3                                                            Lough Nadarragh                                    Ethna Diver                      H07
4                                                            Donegal Town                                         Ethna Diver                      G97

15                                                          Carnowen                                                Liz Sheppard                   H29
1                                                            Barnesmore Gap                                     Ethna Diver                      H08
5                                                            Drumkeen                                               Ethna Diver                      C10
200+   Gathered on young thistles         Muckros Hd                                             Danny Gillespie               G67
17                                                          Killult, Gortahork                                    Sandy Alcorn                   G93


June 01

6                                                         Greencastle                                             Con O’Donnell                   C64
7                                                         Killult                                                      Sandy Alcorn                     B93
50+                                                     Dunree                                                    George McDermott            C23
30+                                                     West Bundoran                                       Frank Smyth                      G75
40/hr      Passing through                   Rossnowlagh                                           Frank Smyth                     G86
2+          Probably more                     Magherroarty                                          Josephine O’Donnell         B83/B93


June 02

5                                                         Keadew                                              Eamonn McGlinchey            B71
20,000                                                St John’s Point                                    Ralph and Liz Sheppard     B76
300+     laying in a small field           Carrickfad                                            Joan and Frank Smyth       G86
1                                                        Inch Lough                                          Ralph Sheppard                 C32
1                                                        Dunkineely                                          Ralph and Liz Sheppard    G77
5                                                        Donegal Town                                     Ralph and Liz Sheppard     G97
11                                                      Carnowen                                            Liz Sheppard                     H29
1                                                        Blanket Nook                                       Ralph Sheppard                 C31


June 03

12+       on pyracantha                       Letterkenny College                          Ethna Diver                       C11

Bob Aldwell 03 June 2009